About Us.

Dan Eurotrans is a family business based on principles, mutual respect, trust, reliability and professionalism.

The story begins more than 30 years ago, in the spring of 1992 with a 1977 Liaz truck and a 1966 Kässbohrer trailer which we used to transport furniture from IMAR Arad to the Republic of Moldova.

In these 30 years we have accumulated pleasant and less pleasant experiences from which we have learned and today we have come to do specialized transport at the highest standards in this way, capitalizing on the fundamental principles that are the basis of our family business and adopting a focused attitude on development and innovation we managed to strengthen the foundations of a long-lasting business, which pursues clear objectives and a precise agenda, successfully adapted to a constantly changing market.

Innovation and diversification of the company's domestic and international freight solutions are our priorities, and our desire to offer our customers a wide range of services at the most competitive standards has led us to focus on providing transport services under special conditions such as refrigerated or ADR transports under FTL or LTL.

Years of experience
You can find us here
The location includes an office building, a hall including a repair shop, 10.000 square meters parking space for our own trucks.
The inside part is secured with video surveillance.